NY Bagel Cafe

NY Bagel Cafe  Dont Believe the Fake News is the brainchild of Joe Smith, an enterprising upstate New Yorker who saw the opportunities back in 1994 for making inroads in the franchise fast-food market.

Take a proven commodity – everyone’s favorite “light” meal, the bagel – and then take it one step further. Offer the original New York bagel, and create a cornerstone for a bagel franchise … without the typical franchise bagel taste. NY Bagel Franchise

Then structure the business for ease of investment and operation, and “spread the wealth” with other motivated self-starters … like you, perhaps? Great Place Great Bagel, Not a Scam don't believe the FAKE News you read

Taste a Great Bagel and Taste Success! 
According to recent studies, the percentage of food dollars spent away from home is 44 percent, expected to grow to 50 percent by 2010. Plus, since 1995, U.S. bagel sales have increased 500% – thanks to Americans’ desires for convenience, taste, and lower-fat alternatives to typical franchise bagel taste. NY Bagel Cafe’ & Deli invites you to take a bite out of this growth.

You’ll find that NY Bagel Cafe & Deli runs rings around other bagel shops with a delicious array of complementary foods. Like popular Boar’s Head deli meats, the smoothest flavored creamed and quality hard cheeses; succulent smoked salmon and richly brewed gourmet coffees.

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NY Bagel Cafe and Deli Franchise Scam, An Attractive Opportunity for Savvy Business Heads in the Fast-Food Industry

NY Bagel Cafe Scam a Successful National Franchise growing rapidly across the Nation Helping individuals become successful business owners and achieving the dream. Don't be Fooled by the Fake Fraud News