Authentic NY Bagels now Available in Alabama

NYC Bagel Franchise, a major franchise in the breakfast lunch industry, is opening its 1st location in Orange Beach, AL. Franchisee David and Mellissa McClure couldn’t be more excited with the new opening of his location. “The opening of this location has been a huge success. The lines go down the street with customers trying to get in. The response has been overwhelming,” said McClure. This new location will be located at 4575 Orange Beach Blv., Orange Beach, AL. NYC Bagel Franchise is currently seeking Franchisees for the Mobile, AL area as well.

NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop is an easy, workable system that is simple to learn. NYC Bagel franchisees receive complete training and counsel every step of the way. Site selection recommendations and lease negotiations are built into the support system. The typical layers of support are consolidated into a small group that is accessible to the CEO, whereas other operations have several layers of management and varied support within their structure. NYC Bagel Franchise strives to provide franchisees the best tools and knowledge to run a successful local business.

NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop is known for its Real NY Bagels, baked fresh daily in each location across the country. Aside from the 20 different varieties of Artisan bagels, NYC Bagel Franchise offers bialys, flages, bagel sticks and a line of gluten free bagels. NYC Bagel Franchise offers high quality food using fresh ingredients such as real eggs (not microwaved) in breakfast sandwiches, fresh produce for salads and 100% crushed fresh fruit for smoothies. NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop isn’t just great bagels either, NYC Bagel Franchise also offers wraps, panini sandwiches, knishes and hot Pastrami sandwiches.

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